Patent Prosecution

Effectively and strategically prosecuting patents is critical to business, particularly for innovative companies. Success may depend on protecting unique technology and revenue streams, while at the same time advancing patents to increase the likelihood they would successfully survive litigation in the future all within a time sensitive framework.

Any patent application M&B IP Analysts drafts begins with an in-depth discussion with the inventors and business people at your company to understand both the technical and commercialization aspects of the invention. We do not require inventors to write disclosures, but rather focus our drafts based on those inventors’ interviews.
Our in-depth-technical knowledge lessens the possibility of rejection and pushes patent applications through allowance efficiently. To accelerate those allowances, we maintain on-going discussions with USPTO Examiners with an eye toward patentable features.

We focus on strategic prosecution to obtain meaningful and enforceable issued claims at minimum cost to our clients. Our services do not end with the filing of a patent application. We continually monitor development changes as well the constantly shifting legal landscape to help our clients improve their patent portfolios.

Our strategic approach to drafting patent applications involves meeting with the inventors to discuss their newest developments, determining which features of these developments are inventive, and obtaining the information needed to capture these inventive features. Based on this information, we provide a draft of the application covering the inventive features without placing a significant drafting burden on the inventors. After submitting the draft to the inventors, we incorporate any feedback we receive.

With respect to prosecuting patent applications, our approach is to strategically pursue claims that emphasize key aspects of the invention while minimizing prosecution costs. We work with the USPTO to identify the patentable features and to distinguish those features from the prior art. This involves identifying and directly addressing the core of each examiner’s rejection. We also determine the most effective course of action in responding to rejections, taking into account the field of art, previous rejections, similar cases, examiner history, and various other factors.

Our US patent practitioners are registered with the USPTO and possess advanced scientific degrees and industry experience. Our network of IP firms around the world allows M&B IP Analysts to also coordinate strategy, filings and prosecution of patent applications in foreign jurisdictions.

Patent Mining and Strategizing

“Is it patentable…?” “It is too simple to be a patent” “I don’t believe that we can file a patent application on software”… These are just some of reasons we hear from engineers as to why they do not file for a patent. The fact is, however, that many engineers find it difficult to identify the patentable concepts in products that they are working on.

Our practice is deigned to accelerate innovation and protection in high-tech companies. We have developed a unique approach to educate engineers, in non-legalistic language, about the patent law. We lead brainstorming sessions helping engineers to realize the possible potential of the innovative concepts they may be developing by identifying all patentable aspects of these innovations. Our team then reviews those innovations and patentable aspects with management to define a filing strategy that will meet the business goals of the company. As a result, strategically valuable inventions in ongoing projects can be protected.

Our patent mining services have led to a dramatic increase in the number patent filings in start-ups as well as in Fortune 500 companies, most of which did not offer any incentive programs to inventors.

In-House Counseling

We focus our practice on start-ups, public companies and research institutions that require in-house IP counseling, but financially cannot be justified. M&B IP Analysts offers the benefits of an in-house patent department without the long-term commitment of hiring additional attorneys.

The services that we provide are:

  • Preparation, filing, and prosecution of patent applications
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Due diligence for patent acquisitions
  • Development of internal patent policies and procedures
  • Guiding engineers on patent protection and enforcement through the various development stages
  • Annuity monitoring and maintenance
  • Monitoring competitive IP landscape
  • IP analysis of competitors’ products
  • International application filings and subsequent coordination of foreign application filings
  • Post-grant maintenance of issued patents
  • Strategic advice for start-ups seeking funding and monetization

Ip Monetization

Patents are property traded like any other asset. We at M&B IP Analysts can help you maximize the value from sales of your patent portfolios. Being a group of patent practitioners, we are better positioned to explain the unique value of your patents than the typical patent seller.

We start by analyzing the technology, the patent claims, and similar products in the market to identify and evaluate any potential usage of the claims. We then perform a market analysis to identify potential buyers, develop a second-to-none sales packet, and craft the perfect sales strategy to best meet your strategic goals using the patents available. To increase the chances of making a sale, we often work closely with a reputable and professional network of brokers and IP litigators.

Another aspect of our monetization service is minimizing costs associated with maintaining patent portfolios. Significant savings can be achieved by clearing the “dead wood” from your patent portfolio. Our practitioners are well trained to map patents to technology, products, and competitors to identify valuable patents that are most closely tied to your business goals. Superfluous patents can be sold to others – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.